It’s only when you uncover who you really are,

that you can discover what your brand really is.
Right now? Your brand strategy’s so piecemeal it’s got you tripping at every turn. Second-guessing yourself anyone?
Your brand visuals have you running for the hills because they feel so off – and yet you can’t escape from them.

Case in point: When someone wants to see your website or sales page or social media profile – the place with all of the important stuff they’re looking for – you reply that you’re “still working on it,” because you’d rather take a bath in maple syrup than show it to them. (And to be honest, that would be a terrible waste of maple syrup.)

It probably feels like your whole business is pulling you in different directions – and you’re not sure which one you should follow. The one your heart says? The one your head says? Or the one everyone else says?

Big fat hint: it’s not the last one.

Cue: paralysing confusion, a heavily clouded vision, and many a night under the stars pondering your purpose into a glass of vino or three. It’s tough, even though your glass is always half full. (Metaphorically, at least…)


There is a way to create a brand that you and your ideal clients fall in love with and stay in love with.

Which, *surprise!* is not just a logo, or a colour palette, or even a fancy website. Who knew?! Ummmmm, I did.

An intimately powerful brand is like that perfect outfit you picked for that perfect holiday location. A collection of intentional pieces that fit together to define how YOUR unique story is presented and perceived by those who stumble across you on their journey.



In this highly collaborative process, we’ll be extracting your essence so that you can elevate your business into the stratosphere. POW. 

Sounds like something you want?

Then let’s go on an adventure that might just change… everything. 


Here’s my promise to you.
Once we’re done, you won’t just know your brand, you’ll OWN it.


(no more doubts, no more what ifs, pure and simple clarity)


AKA the stops in your Brand Journey

Ready to show the world who you really are – in style?

It all starts here!

Brand Unpacker™


During this strategic wander through your business, we’ll unpack your current brand (or brand idea) and find the answers to questions that hold the key to the clarity and direction you feel is currently lacking. Think of it like a brand audit, but way sexier. (And way more fun.)

This is the first step in your branding journey and cannot be skipped, which is why all new clients go through it before embarking on a larger project.

As a result of this intensive session, we will create a bespoke roadmap with the next steps on your brand-ing journey. You can either stop there or continue your journey to the Brand Compass or Destination: Brand, we will discuss the best option for you in our call.

Investment: Starting at €350/$399(approx.) (Plus VAT where applicable)

PS: The cost of the B.U™ is credited towards your next package.

See that light at the end of the tunnel? It’s waiting for you…


Once you have completed the B.U™ Strategy session we will look into what the best course of action based on your specific needs will be. Whether is a full on (re)brand or only a few projects I’ve got you covered.

Brand Compass

This is where the magic starts happening and you make the move from overwhelmshire to clarityville. Prepare yourself for a deep, soul-stirring, explorative experience that focuses on branding YOUR business YOUR way. From the inside out. It’s kind of like therapy, but with a bottle of vino…

This intensive package covers strategy, brand identity design, brand style, but you’ll need to have done the Brand Unpacker already. (Because while this will serve as your compass, you need to know where you’re going first…)

Investment: Starting at €4500/$5000 (approx.)

(Plus VAT where applicable)

Destination: Brand!

This is a brand overhaul and elevation like no other. It gives you everything you need to take your business to the place you dream of it being.

After unpacking your brand, we’ll repack it ready for its new journey, which goes through strategy, brand identity design, brand style, and website planning & design, website development, and photoshoot planning and execution.

It’s the ultimate branding package that will support your business (and every single decision you make in it) far beyond our time together.

Price based on projects.


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