Website planning step by step.

This month we are going to get back to basics. When talking about websites there are a few things I hear over and over from the fabulous ladies I work with, and they go something like this:

  • I need a website but I don’t know where to start,
  • All the things I have to do just make me feel overwhelm,
  • where do I find color, how do I know what I like what I don’t like…
  • what’s a domain, should I use or .org, or squarespace, or Wixi.


Well relax, December is website planning month. I am going to write a series of post to help you sort through the overwhelming world of website planning.

So where do we start with the planning? We start at the very beginning. We start general and go down to the details. Now for the purpose of the series I am going to assume that you do have a business (idea or an already established biz). If you don’t you can still learn a lot from it and apply it when you are ready to go.

Let’s get started.

There are dozens of issues we need to discuss. Below are the most popular ones from my experience and that’s what we are going to cover in December.

  1. How to choose a domain and hosting provider,
  2. Which platform to use: WordPress (WP), Square Space (SS), Wixi, etc.
  3. Branding: color, fonts, visuals.

Today we will talk about:

Choosing a domain and hosting provider.

There are several dozens if not hundreds of companies that will provide you with a domain name and host your website. As with everything you get what you pay for. And one thing I (and my clients) have learned is that saving $1.00 something is not worth the headaches when going with a less reputable company.

If, however you are really strapped for cash and need to bargain something I would suggest you don’t do it with your hosting provider. IF you must, then only do it with your domain name provider. You can get pretty inexpensive domains for about .99 USD a year which is not bad at all. And once you have your domain all you need to do it connect it to your hosting provider and that’s is pretty much all you will need to do with that.

Some domain name providers: (in no order of preference)

Now, if you were to ask me personally. I would say go directly to a hosting provider like the one I use. They give you both a domain name (included in the price) and host your website all in one place. In the video below I talk more about the one I use and why I use them, and what to look for when looking for a hosting provider.

Word of warning: PLEASE check with your domain provider and set yourself a reminder when it needs to be renewed! I have heard horror stories of people loosing their domain because they forgot and never received reminder of their renewal and have lost their domain! PLEASE the day you purchase your domain set a reminder on your phone a month before hand to make sure you take action, whether it is renewing it or moving it to another company!

Have a look at the video and let me know if you have any questions when choosing a domain and hosting provider!



*Please note that none of the names I mentioned here are affiliates, I just named them because either I currently use them or have in the past and have had good experiences with them unless otherwise noted.

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