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Last week we discussed how to get your domain name and your hosting provider (here is the link if you haven’t read it).

If you have a name that you love and don’t want to risk loosing it to someone else, then go read the other blog and come back when you have purchased your domain name.

Otherwise if you are not in any rush, you could start here, with a planning guide that will guide you and make you think of different issues you need to think about before getting too far ahead of yourself. Things such as, your esthetics, your colors, your ideal customers, the goals of your site, are just a few things you need to think about before you even think of which platform you need. This is partly because the answers to these questions will inform that decision.

The guide I am providing you in this post, starts with an audit of your current site (if you have one) the good the bad and the ugly. Then we will look at your style by looking at inspiration online, on Pinterest, magazines, etc. We will discuss your competitors, not to stress about it but to analyze how our offers distinguish themselves from others.

If this is your first site, we will think about the goals you envisioned for your site. Then we will have an overview at the websites requirements, do it need to be a portfolio, be able to schedule meetings, sessions, or sale products. And finally we will look at all the elements you need to consider when maintaining your site, such as content creation, SEO, visual creation, logo, etc.

So grab the guide below and fill it out. Once you have it you will have a general overview and direction for your new or re-designed website. This is a guide that I have sent to each and every one of my clients and time and time again I hear that is a powerful tool that gives them direction and focus to help them manage the overwhelm of the process.

I am confident it will help you as well.

As always if you have any question please let me know!

I am here to help you succeed!



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