Part II: Want Marie Forleo’s Website?

Last week we went through Marie Forleo’s website and we talked about the importance of creating a website that works you YOU and not copy one just because SHE or anyone else you follow/admire has x,y,z. You can watch it here

Want to know the secret of a website like Marie Forleo's keep on reason and watch the video.

We talked about a few of the elements your website should have and you should consider when planning to maximize your site.

Since I didn’t want to make it a long video I divided it into two parts.

Today we are talking about a few other aspects of a website please I get a little bit inspired and may go on a bit of tangent (important one) where I talk about (to me) the most crucial element of all.

If you want to find out what it is…just are just going to have to watch the video! But just you case you think I am being mean the little rant/passionate talk it towards the end.

There’s also little challenge for you this week. Go through the video and answer these 4 questions. It’s a good place to start to: gauge how your website measures up, something to do before you change anything or if you are planning a major re-brand.

Can’t wait to hear what you discover after doing this little exercise. Drop a comment below or send an email.

’til next week!



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