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Last week I conducted a Conquer your Website challenge. A 6 days packed full of information from establishing your branding to creating a coming soon page while capturing emails from day 1! 

One of the frequently asked questions I get from people starting their website journey is how to transfer their current blog/site from [enter flavor of the moth] to WordPress. While in itself is not necessarily complicated, the results may vary. The issue is that for the most part when we transfer things from one platform to another their may be formatting issues, when you export the files just be aware of this in case you have issues when you transfer and activate you new theme (in our case DIVI). 

Having said all that. The process is not all that complicated (with my guidance). In this post we are going to transfer my old blog to 

Word of warning.

Whether or not you are transferring your post to a brand new install of WordPress AND specially if you are doing it to an existing website PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! back up before you do anything! I don’t want to be responsible for you losing ANY or all of your information!! I have a video that shows you how to do this. Enter your name below and get the video. 

If you feel apprehensive about doing it yourself I have a little surprise for you!

I have just launched a DIY course to help you with every single step of building your website! Conquer your Website is a Designer in a box. 30 plus videos and bonus videos that walk you through each step. Having a website is no longer a headache or a drain on your bank account! Have a look at this page for more information. 

Finally, if you have a specific transfer that you need to do let me know and I can create a video for that also. 

Watch the video below and get to it! Any questions or issues? Drop me a line below or directly to  my email. 



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