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Every year starts with New Year’s resolutions, the promise to ourselves that we will improve, change, start something new for the year. This is not an article on how to keep those resolutions; far from it. This is a different one. This article will help you make the connection between the business plan you created for 2017 and implement a strategy on your website to help you achieve those goals by learning how to optimize  your website for success. 

Haven’t done your annual planning yet? Naughty you! Don’t sweat it, there’s still time. You can have a read at this article to see how I set up my planning and some of the tools I used this/last year to help me with it.

If New Year’s resolutions and planning for your biz last month is/was on your agenda, then I invite you to read on as we take it all an extra step.

The Ultimate Planning Plan for non-planners: Having a plan is the only way that you can create, implement successful growth in your business. Start today even if you are NOT a planner like me.
The Ultimate Planning Plan for non-planners: Having a plan is the only way that you can create, implement successful growth in your business. Start today even if you are NOT a planner like me.
The Ultimate Planning Plan for non-planners: Having a plan is the only way that you can create, implement successful growth in your business. Start today even if you are NOT a planner like me.
The Ultimate Planning Plan for non-planners: Having a plan is the only way that you can create, implement successful growth in your business. Start today even if you are NOT a planner like me.
Learn what the importance of professional images can do for your brand. If you want to make your branding look more like a pro then you need to be more intentional about how you use and the quality of those pictures.

I first heard of New Year’s resolutions when I lived in the US — in Venezuela, we make wishes to the spirit of Xmas — to be honest, I gave them a try one year and didn’t make it passed the 31st of January. More for lack of real purpose than lack of conviction.

I believe that if there’s no real reason behind “eating more vegetables ” your brain and your willpower will just give up trying.

Whether or not you are a New Year’s resolution gal, the truth is that in life as in biz we need a real deep purpose for getting up every morning staying in our pj’s and sitting in front of our computers day in and day out building our little big empires.

If you are anything like me,  and I know you are; we create our business plans with the hope that we will achieve each and every goal we set out for the year ahead. But how do we ensure that we keep “eating vegetables” past January 31st? By having a strategy that will help our business (each aspect of it)  support each other in reaching those goals. 


A repeated issue I have come across when working with my amazing clients, is that while they have a great plan for their biz’ growth, more times than not,  their websites and branding do not reflect either those plans or the strategy to accomplish them. The nature of our business is very fluid and it is important that we ensure that the tools and resources that encompass our business align and help us achieve those goals. 

Let me illustrate my point. Let’s say you created your own website last year using (very limited options) and you have had some success. For this year you have made a plan to:  sell more things, or offer new services, or have a membership site. You come to me to create a beautiful new brand only to realize that your theme is not customizable, that you have no control over your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and that you can’t add a membership site. And therefore, you basically need to start a whole new website in a new platform.  All of the sudden your ‘little plan’ turns into a whole bigger project, that you had not budgeted for financially nor time resources to it.  Read more about why I don’t recommend you use

And now, let’s say I would agree to do your branding for that site (I woudn’t) but let’s pretend. I would create a beautiful branding for you but this re-brand will never serve your business because the website will never be up to par with your biz’ needs. Therefore, the chances of achieving what you set out to do this year will not be realized. And then you will be sad and I will be sad too. 

So what to do instead?

PRO TIP:  Create a tracking system to see change over time  (every week, month, every quarter).  DO NOT wait until the end of the year to see that you need 500 subscribers in one month!


Now as you may have read here ( I’m not a planner) but that’s all changed. This year, not only do I have a biz plan but also a content plan and a strategy to accomplish my main goal for the year, which is to grow the number of subscribers ‘my tribe 💕 ‘.

And this is how I  went about planning strategically to achieve that:

  1. Gather all your goals for the year.
  2. Create tangible outcomes for each goal. (attach a quantity to it) 
  3.  Break that number into smaller number/pieces.
  4. Take that number once again and break it down into even smaller pieces.
  5. How are you going to reach those smaller pieces? What’s your strategy?

This is how it would look in practice:

Step 1: GOAL: Increase my subscribers.

Step 2: Let’s say I want 1000 subscriber by end of the year.

Step 3: 1000/12=83 per month.

Step 4: 83/30= 2.7 per/day

Step 5: Blog posts, guest posting, social media.

And voila! Now I know that in order to reach my 1000 a year goal I need to ensure that I get 2.7 (or realistically 3 whole persons!!) per day.

Incidentally, a good way to check that you strategy make sense and is aligned with your goals is to compare them against other goals. Let’s pretend another one of my goals is to make a million by the end of the year.  

Basing our numbers in the well-known fact that conversion rates for email list are between 1-3% (meaning, only 1-3% of your list will be engaged/purchase from you). If we do the math that means that with a list of 1000 people you would have to either sell 100 products at $10,000, or 10,000 products/services at $100 to achieve that goal. Now, I know I am being too simplistic here, and I am not saying some people may not be able to easily achieve those numbers. My point here is that you need to be realistic as to where you are and make sure that your goals are actually aligned, realistic and achievable with a solid and well laid out strategy. 


I have made it easy to do this process for your business. I have created a Website Plan Connector workbook. With this tool, you will go through each of the steps outlined above + conduct a website audit to get a sense of where you are, actions needed to create a solid and winning strategy for 2017! 

This is not a one-time process this is something I would suggest to come back quarterly or semi-annually to maximize your chances of success. And don’t worry for the next four weeks we will be walking through the process together so it won’t be as scary and overwhelming!


I don’t know about you but I am a visual person, I rather see how things are done than being told ‘how to do them’  So if that’s you and you benefit from doing it together. I would love for you to join me in the upcoming challenge ‘Digital Spring Cleaning’ it will be a week full of prompts, tutorials and a workshop where we will work on connecting your strategic plan into your website for maximum optimization. We will be connecting the dots and making your online presence ready for 2017! If you are interested in joining click the link below and you will be added to an interest list for more information.

That’s it for now,



You worked hard on your annual plan, let’s bring it all together by optimizing your website to work for you!

Download the free resource and get notified when the challenge starts!

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