Holiday mini-series tutorials: Day five printing your cards

Hello! This is the last stretch, we made it! The final step in this series: printing your cards.

Here we are, this last step is not the most complicated one only the one we  must be a bit careful about or else we end up with funny looking cards. Instead of making complicating explanations I made three videos where I walk your through different aspects of printing your cards that you should keep in mind.

The final step for me is to provide you with a list of resources you can check out if you decide not to print at home.

If you want to splurge a little you can go with  my favorite professional printing houses:

  • White House Custom Colour they offer a few options on cards their packages come in packs of 25 and start at $26.70, check them out if you are curious about this option.
  • BayPhoto Lab also offers packs of 25 cards or postcards starting at $29.
  • also in Netherlands : offers packs of 10 for about $4 and in NL for about €11.
  • in the Netherlands offers packs of 20 for €7.
  • Finally, artifact uprising super cool printing company check them out if you haven’t. Offers a few different options and they have a  special  going on now use this code SENDCHEER for a 20% discount!

Well, I think those will keep you busy and give you enough options to choose from!

So watch the videos, look at the options above and decide what’s best for you. As always let me know if you have any questions, I would be happy to help.

In the meantime all is left for is to wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Big hugs,


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