Growing your email list! 3 Resources to get started

Growing your email list: The #1 thing creative business owners need to do. We all know email list is one of the most important things we need to be doing in our business. But with all the options out there how do we get starter. Today we talk about the one tool I use and love. You will get three amazing resources to get going!

Renting or buying?

I love me some metaphors in live and in business. So here’s today’s.

Imagine if you will that you are in the process of moving… Money is NOT an issue, you can pick whatever your heart desires. And lets say you are not 100% sure if you are staying in the town you are currently living in for too long. But you need to find a place ASAP, since money is not an issue you could –technically– buy a place but you could just rent and see…Giving your situation renting seems like a viable solution, since you don’t know how long you will be around. Or is it?

Should you own or rent? Very good topic of conversation right? It seems like the answer is pretty straight forward…until is not. We all may have extenuating circumstances that may sway the argument either way.

Same goes for business, we could ‘rent’ space say in Facebook in the form of a group and have our community there. Or we could have our website hosted for much less in instead of owning all your information with something like But what happens when the “landlord” says. “I am selling the place and you need to vacate in a month?”

Ok, maybe Facebook is not going anywhere anytime soon, BUT I do believe that owning all your assets in your business is of the outmost importance.

One of our MOST precious assets has to be our email lists. The list of people who have clicked with you and agreed to join you in your entrepreneurship’s journey. I am sure you have heard and read countless times how important growing your list is. And you get it, however, you are not 100% sure HOW to go about it.

Fret not. Growing your list is not all that difficult, coming up with ideas to attract people to signup, keeping them happy so they don’t leave and the actual mechanics of it all can be learned. To me the most difficult part of the process is staying consistent, there lays the key to keeping a consistent and steady growth.

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Starting out with growing your list

I am all for working smarter and not harder. And while there are several dozen email marketing systems, some free, some premium. I personally have found a happy medium. I used to use a free one but once I gave ConvertKit a try I was hooked and never looked back.

Now please don’t read this as a shameless promo for CK. I do not promote things for the sake of making a few $$. I use them and LOVE them and I tell you a few reasons why.

  1. Workflow simplification: When I used a free system. I had to actually use different systems to get all the things I needed done. I could create a landing page on my site but if I wanted to get something that would work easily I would have had to use something like LeadPages. I was using mcdmimi which included automation but I couldn’t  attach a file for people to download a pdf, so I had to add another layer of work to include a file or link to dropbox for example. Finally, there was no simple way to track what links people open, or to add tags on to people depending on their engagement’s behavior. All this things and more I can now do all in one place with CK.
  2. Robust features: As I mentioned above, if you want to attract people to your offer you need to create a little form that asks for their emails in exchange for something you give them. I was creating my own landing pages not only because I didn’t want to invest in yet another software but also because it meant another thing I needed to learn and keep track of. Now with CK I can quickly create not only forms but also landing pages and they are all in the same place so I can track them, duplicate them and change them with ease. Plus they have a plugin for wordpress so it is integrated with one click! EASY!!!!!
  3. Budget friendly: Another reason I didn’t hesitate was because CK is actually quite reasonably priced. Starting at $29 (UDS) for up to 1000 subscribers, if you factor in all the features that are included and the time you will be saving it is actually a good bargain! Plus one thing that sold me from the beginning is that CK does NOT double count. So lets say you have three opt-ins on your home page and one person likes them all and subscribes to all 3. CK keeps track of all their subscriptions but recognizes that it is still and not mary times 3 so you are not paying 3 times for that person only once. THAT is super important specially as you grow your audience!

I have many other reasons why I love CK but this is not a blog about CK this is about how you can grow your list.

Creating opt-ins

Something I have heard over and over again and it helps me when thinking about creating new opt-ins is this. You should see an opt-in as a path you will take your potential client through before they are ready to work with you. With that in mind I think of at what level (how ready) should a client be when they decide to work with me.

For example in my case when I start working with a client I would like her to know  that she would need to have an idea of what her brand would look like, or what things she needs to be thinking about to get her website ready. Based on this I have created a website planning guide, I am working on a branding planning guide. I have a how to create a PDF for your opt-ins. They not only differ in what they offer a person because they will all be in different part of their journey but I also vary their complexity level.

I don’t have a website how can I have an opt-in?

Yesterday, I heard the amazing Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society put it best. (here I go again with metaphors :P)

Think of your website as you new apartment and launching it as a housewarming party. You have to plan your party, the food and drinks you will serve, music you will play etc. right? At the same time you have spread the word among your friends. Maybe you don’t have to set a date in stone but you do need to let them know hey “I am having a house warming party in the middle of June keep your eyes peeled for the invite”. Otherwise if you plan your party and don’t let anyone know you are going to have an empty house with pretty umbrella drinks and no one to drink them 🙁

On the other hand if you send out the invite and don’t get the party planned and ready you are going to have a bunch of people in your house and NO pretty umbrella drinks to offer them. See the point? It’s a catch 22!

But I have the solution for this, and it’s quite simple really. You can send out the invite (your opt-in) WHILE you are preparing the party (working on your website behind the scene). You can either use a coming soon page and just tell people “we are working on our site drop your email to get notified when the launch party is happening”. Or the one I like best is creating a landing page and offer something in return for their email. It doesn’t have to be too complicated.

Some examples of easy lead magnets:

  • 30 minute consultation,
  • discount vouchers,
  • check lists,
  • pre-guide,
  • free-trial (product based business)
  • sneak peak (for courses)
  • free video series (more advanced and time confusing for you but worth it)
  • free chapter

The possibilities are endless.

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Action for today! 

You have three resources to get started today:

  1. In order to help you get started jump now to watch the video series training on how to create a beautiful and functional PDF (see what I did there ;))
  2. If you don’t know how to create a landing page watch this video where I show you two ways to do it. The ‘free’ way and the EASY way.
  3. If you are interested in giving CK* a try. I have a link for a 30 day trial.

I want to hear form you, let me know if you have any questions, or ideas for opt-ins that have done wonders for you! Share we are all in this together!

*This is an affiliate link but as you see in my site you will be hard pressed to find many around. And that is simply because I stand by what I use and love and nothing else. That’s a pinky promise!!

To the round pegs and square holes in all of us!



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