Happy new year, happy 2019! I cannot wait to see what this year brings.

I was in Cyprus for a few weeks this winter, an interesting and beautiful island in the Mediterranean. 

The internet in our house was not the best (#therealitiesofworkingfromanywhere). I found myself with lots of time to enjoy myself, take long walks on the empty beaches, went for morning runs, meditated and ate delicious food! (I know it was rough) 

Some shots from my time there, Enjoy…


Anyways, on to the topic at hand. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been bombarded lately by all those emails about, let’s plan your year. Let’s make 2019 the best year ever. What what I see lacking is more foundational information on how to actually plan for your business. Today I  wanted to give you a few tips and best practices that have helped me in the past to plan my year.


With this I mean both your personal time, but also your business time. Do that first, block those time slots out because you know that we get super busy right away. things happen, things come your way that you don’t expect, and before you know that vacation that you thought one day you are going to take, doesn’t happen. So plan that time off first. 

Then, plan any business trips that you want to do, even if they are not 100% settled,  think conferences, workshops, retreats etc. Block them out because that’s going to also give you idea of your availability visa-vie  client work, you will have a clearer idea when and how many clients you can take at any given time.




A LOT OF US FEEL FEARFUL ABOUT DREAMING BIG, because we feel limited by our  knowledge, what are you capable of and whatnot. But I say dream big because later on you can worry about how you going to accomplish that goal.

How are you going to find out what resources do you need? What gaps there are in your knowledge?  Or if you need to find somebody else to help you achieve that particular goal? That will come in the next step of the process for now, dream big.

The whole idea is that every year your plans help you grow and scale,  essentially you are making things bigger and better for you, your business, clients and for the impact you want to make.



DON’T FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO PACK YOUR YEAR, leave room, white space for things to come. This is for you non-planners out there. You can and should be more spontaneous about certain things within your plan. In my case for example, don’t like, I cannot be too tied down to a strict plan because that’s not in my nature. I am a creative, a visual person,  I need room for creativity, for the unexpected.

On that same vein, don’t worry about goals changing because, they will, it happens. Life happens, business opportunities that you didn’t expect appear, you have to leave some room for that.




I FEEL THIS IS THE MOST CRUCIAL ONE.  before you plan anything, before you have get carried away with ideas, you have to have the basis of your brand figured out.

This is one of the reasons why we (me included) can feel overwhelmed when we start planning. In my case, because I didn’t have any idea of where I was going with my brand, with my business everything sounded fine, but nothing was sticking, at the end of the year I didn’t accomplished much my brand wasn’t moving forward. So this is very important, to understand because as I said earlier, every year you plan, every goal you create should build up on a previous one to help you achieve a bigger vision.

For example, I have a goal of creating in person retreats in a few years, in order achieve that, I need to make sure that certain steps, certain goals are achieved before that.  I only know this because I know what the big vision for my brand is and how I need to get there. 

So it is crucial that you have have clarity on where your brand is going, where you want your brand to go, the kind of people you want to attract, etc. Because all of those things are going to feed into what your yearly plan should be. I can’t stress enough how important this is. I have seen it time and time again, clients frustrated with nothing sticking after trying everything under the sun, but when I ask simple questions such as: What’s your brand vision and mission there’s stone silence.


If you need help with the foundations of your brand, if you still feel overwhelmed. That you don’t know where you should go with, with this planning idea. Get in touch with me. I have a 20 minute complimentary, no strings attached PATH-FINDER chat, that we can do and I can help you figure out how to get clear on your brand goals. (CLICK BELOW) 

I promise you that the most important thing that you can do for your business is gained that business clarity that will help inform every single goal that you want to achieve this year, but it also in the years to come.


A final tip I want to leave you with is this. Don’t feel overwhelms feeling like you have to plan the whole year in one sitting. No, I feel that especially if you’re starting out and this is your first time, start with a 90 day plan.

That’s what I do because it also offers the flexibility of assessing whether we have put I put too much in our agendas or whether things are working and gives us room to  so you can shift things around to the next quarter if need be. So just start with planning the next 90 days and go from there,  you’ll see that as you go on practicing, then it’s going to become super, super simple for you to assess what the next steps should be.


Alright, that is for me today. Do get in touch because I can help you gain the clarity that you need and you’re struggling with. And remember there’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with your business. The thing might be that you just don’t have the brand clarity you need yet, but you will. Promise! 

I wish you the best 2019 and I’ll see you later. 

Tell me what are your planning tips? 

Have a wine-derful day! 

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