Colour, colour everywhere colour!

Colour for your website…

I don’t need to tell you that colour is important in everything we do. I mean we are visual creatives after all. But even if we were not, colour is everywhere!

Just last weekend I was in a shoe store and I stood there for quite a few more minutes I care to admit trying to decide on the same exact pair of shoes, but I just couldn’t decide. I mean my dilemma was REAL one was black and the other brown. They look SOOOOO different to me. I had to really be sure that my decision was the correct one. I am sure you have had a similar experience with a coat, shirt, sunglasses. Right?

For me colour is a personal thing, yes, but when it comes to your website I also think that some consideration needs to be taken as to who you are talking to, who is your ideal customer. If you go for a neon colour palate you will deter certain people within your ideal client. And that’s quite alright! However, it should be a deliberate decision and not a surprise.

Yesterday, Wendy covered the ‘feel’ you want your brand to have, that included colour among the other issues we touched upon. The best way to do is by doing some research, browse magazines, internet, your favorite shop, and start looking at what elements keep coming back. What it is about a fresh, eclectic, retro, (enter your feel word here) that catches your eye, that you want to bring in your branding.

This is important because as you will see sometimes the colours that you initially choose don’t work and you need to look for options, but since you know the ‘feel’ you want to portray then you can easily narrow down other options. This also applies when you are rebranding. Colour for your website

Now that we have talked about the what, lets talk about the how. Once you have selected a few colours that you may want to use, the question I get more often is, how do I find out what color it is and how to use it in my website.

In this post I will cover how to get what’s known as the hex color code (will explain in video). That is the code you need to use inside your website to get those touches of colour you want in your pages.

In the video below you will also get some info on fonts and logos. That’s for today.



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