This week I want to move away a little bit from the overarching aspects that we have been looking at in the other videos of your Brand and look at more specifically branding.  I want to talk about the distinctions that one should be aware of when we’re looking for photography or photographers for our brands.

In terms of photographers I want you to know that there’s a very specific difference between brand photography and portrait photography, even more so when you’re looking for a brand photographer and portrait photographer.  That’s not to say that a portrait photographer wouldn’t be able to take your images but, it’s something that if you are aware of it then you are looking you are then more educated when you’re looking for a specific photographer and you know what you’re looking for.

This is important not only because not only does a brand photographer would have experience with taking images for a brand specifically but also because there are so many variables when you have to think about your brand photography that a portrait photographer may not necessarily be aware or maybe the do it instinctively but not intentional and you know that my word is always be intentional about everything you do with your brand, especially your photography. At the end of the day while I always say your brand strategy is the cornerstone of your brand,  the reality is that when somebody comes across your website, you business card, they are looking at how it looks like.


And so this is why is so important for you to understand what are you asking of your photographer to be able to direct them into what it is that you want.  For example one of the very easy examples I always use with my clients to help them understand this is that a portrait photographer by default takes portrait images, now not to say that they don’t take landscape but what I’m saying is they are looking at you and at your environment in a very different way that I,  or a brand photographer would.


If we are thinking of your website, we need images for your website and you go to a portrait photographer and if you don’t understand that you need to tell them ok I need landscapes because this image will go here and that image will go there, then what you are going to end up with is with a portrait images, And then when I want to use that image on my website as a hero, what’s call a hero image, a full width image in my website and then you will have to hire somebody who knows really well photoshop to be able to cut you out of the background because I am missing the other part of the image in order to be able to make it useful for a website.


Whereas, if you understand and you know that you have to tell your photographer “listen I need a couple of images images like this and like that especially, landscape  images this goes for my hero images, my homepage” and he or she would know to take a landscape photo of you so that you can actually use it as a backgrounds,  be it because you need more space on one side, even if you want to be in the middle that’s fine but you have surroundings around you so those are.


This is a very specific example but it’s a very good example to explain what would be the difference between what a portrait photographer does and what a brand photographer does. Again I want to emphasize that it’s not that I’m saying that you shouldn’t go to a portrait photographer but this is more helping you to understand what it is as a as a business owner that you need to ask of those photographers in order to obtain what it is that you want for your brand. I am helping you to become your own creative director remember? 🙂 


So now you are much better equipped to know how to find, hire and direct your own brand photoshoot!


If this was helpful, drop me comments, ask me questions. and leave some love in the video. So I would know to continue creating videos to help you grow your brand intentionally and as a CEO you are! 


If you need help with the foundations of your brand, if you still feel overwhelmed. That you don’t know where you should go with, with this planning idea. Get in touch with me. I have a 20 minute complimentary, no strings attached PATH-FINDER chat, that we can do and I can help you figure out how to get clear on your brand goals. (CLICK BELOW) 

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