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Thank you so much for helping share my newest resource The Branding Map. I have created some helpful assets to make it easy to share. Feel free to use both images and text or just text along with whatever image fits your brand best.

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Blurb 1

Thinking of (re)branding? Any of these resonate?

+ Feel as if you don’t fit in the world –not standing out but not blending in either – so something must be wrong with you

+ Get overwhelmed by all the “competition” and worst, feel like your potential client is price shopping you

+ Do what others in the industry say you should do, even though it doesn’t feel like you – way to feel

totally disconnected from your purpose!

And all you want is a brand that allows you to stand out,  be memorable and attract the right kind of people to your business just by being YOU.

That’s not a dream,  it’s possible. It all starts by mapping your branding journey, the Branding Map is just that, a bird’s eye view of the entire (re)branding process, so you can create a brand foundation that will make you irresistible and the ONLY option for your ideal clients.

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Blurb 2

The point for a brand to stands out is not about who is the loudest, bolder, bigger, better. Au contraire cheri. (And this is the beauty of The Branding Map process) The point is that all you have to do is BE YOU.

Because let’s face it, you are already A M A Z I N G ! You just have to show them.

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Blurb 3

Before any trip you need to choose your destination, know the minimum things you will need to get there, and how much ‘fuel’ (resources: time, financial, etc.) you will need to get there.

But if we fail to plan, we will run into all sorts of difficulties and even risk it becoming a costly ‘go with the flow.’

Branding is just like that. Fail to plan and have a strategy and you are left with nothing but isolated pieces (a logo, some pretty images, nice looking font) that together do little to build an impactful story that helps you stand out from the crowd. The Branding Map guides you to build a solid brand foundation that leaves you feeling in control, empowered and equipped to tackle the next steps on your (re)branding journey.

+ Status quo: crushed.

+ Soul: liberated.

+ Confidence: through the glass ceiling.

+ Brand: as magnetising as a chilled glass of

Sauvignon Blanc on a summer’s eve.

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Blurb 4

You have a beautiful logo, a mood board that’s the envy of all your fellow business owners.   Yet you are still struggling with your brand,  you can’t quite grasp where the disconnect is.  It’s actually making you feel more overwhelmed, confused and what’s worst, even doubting yourself (asking for confirmation one too many times to your Facebook ‘friends’) No shame, we have all been there.

The solution instead, is to base your brand’s foundation on a solid strategy. One that will help you discover what makes you unique, helps you build an entire brand story that makes you magnetic, memorable and the only option for your potential clients, regardless of colours, images or Instagram followers.  The Branding Map is the beginning of this process and once you have this is in place, it’ll be take-off time.

Get started with the Branding Map

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