I’ve had this conversation in the past few weeks repeatedly. And I want to help you avoid this problem, so if you have hired a photographer for your brand, for your website, etc., read on or listen to the video,  because it will help you a lot to avoid ending up with images you don’t love, won’t use and a hole in your pocket. 


The conversation goes something like this: We talk some pleasantries, getting to know each other to eventually getting to talk about branding and photography because it’s part of what I do. etc. I would say that 60 to 70% of the conversations end up with them telling me “well I hired a photographer because I knew photography was important for my brand, I know that photography elevates my brand, etc.etc. But honestly…I really just don’t love my images.”

That right there, just breaks my heart.

Mainly, because I understand that brand photography is an investment, no discussion. But I do think IT IS an investment you should make for your business. So I’m not trying to discourage you at all. On the contrary, I am trying to help you realize that there are few things that you can do to ensure that the images, the results that you get are what you’re expecting.

I’m not necessarily only talking about whether you like YOU in the pictures or not. Getting comfortable with how you look in videos and in an image is a whole other story. For now I would just say that it is a matter of getting used to yourself more on that in another blog.

There are in fact a few things you can set in place to make sure that the results are  not a surprise. This is something that I really feel strongly about. Take my brand strategy process, the results, so the brand identity that I create for my clients is revealed in a fun sort of way, they don’t know what to expect but they are NOT surprised by the end results. I have involved them in every step of the way so they are not confronted in the end of a long process with something they don’t like or know they won’t use. This would only leave them with a sense of frustration and in the case of a photoshoot is can be worst because you may not always have the change to replicate the situation.

Here’s what you can do to avoid this happening to you and protecting not only your investment but also ensuring you will LOVE the results.



After you have worked on your brand strategy you have a plan. You’ll understand clearly what your mission, your vision, your clients and what you’re trying to convey to attract the right kind of people.

Once it’s all done you have the tools to be your own creative director for your Brand. This does not necessarily mean that you have to do everything in your brand, the whole point of having a strategy and a brand identity is that you can easily delegate this to somebody else. What’s important here is, that, every creative decision comes from an informed strategy that you have created for your brand. And thus, by knowing this before you commission a photoshoot you are not guessing what kind of imagery you should go with, should you wear this or that. It’s all clear because it’s based on YOUR brand and no one else’s.




People hire photographers sometimes because they are friends, they are family or they were recommended by somebody else. Then, they just show up the day of, and there is really no rapport whatsoever with the photographer. 

It is very important to establish a relationship with them. If there’s no time,  because you book very close to the date of the shoot, although I strongly discourage you from doing that. Then at least have a few conversations virtually. Otherwise if it is possible invite them (of they don’t take the initiative) for a coffee either in person or virtually and get to know them a bit, their vibe, their personality, their quirks, anything that can help feel comfortable the day of the shooting.  

I remember back in my first shoots, I would show up the day of and inevitably it would  always feel awkward. The getting to know each other, the small talk, all that takes time. So if you can get that out of the way and build a nice rapport with the photographer, you are gonna feel so much more comfortable when the day of the shooting comes.

Believe even with the clients who know me, some of the best images that I get are towards the end of the shoot. And that’s because that’s they have seen my silliness, bossy instructions, by then they have relaxed knowing  “oh this is a nice woman knows she knows what she’s doing and I feel fine” 






This is super important and it goes back to number one, being your own creative director.  Maybe as I mentioned above, the photographer you hired offered you free services to build their portfolio, or it is someone’s cousin, or a family member. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with that, bu you know it can always go wrong. Especially if you leave things to chance, or their experience, may leave you with the sour taste in the end. 

Instead, take charge. First, talk to the photographer, but from a more tactical and strategic point of view.  Talk to them about, the shot list you wish to have. Better yet, have a MUST list as I do with my clients.  This means that YOU have to be clear on where are the images going to go. What planes do you have in the near future, are you launching something? Are you creating a month’s worth of content for your social media? You need to be very clear what you are going to need your your photography for. That way you both are on the same page and you can ensure that the results are you going to be what you expected and there will be no surprises, neither for the photographer or for you who is paying for the services.

And that’s it my darling, I have equipped you with tools to go and tackle your next challenge and now you have no excuse to go and book that brand photoshoot.


Incidentally, I travel for on-location photoshoots and I have opened up spaces for sessions in Amsterdam in April and in beautiful Mallorca in June. So if branding images are on the cards for you this year. Get in touch so we can start planning your next photoshoot. 


And if planning is not your thing, we can still plan an entire photoshoot from poses to wardrobe from the comfort of your own home and you can bring that plan to your favorite neighborhood brand photographer.  Either way get in touch and we can get started! 


Have a wander-ful day! 



If you need help with the foundations of your brand, if you still feel overwhelmed. That you don’t know where you should go with, with this planning idea. Get in touch with me. I have a 20 minute complimentary, no strings attached PATH-FINDER chat, that we can do and I can help you figure out how to get clear on your brand goals. (CLICK BELOW) 

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