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Hi, and welcome, happy new year. Happy 2019. I cannot wait to see what this year brings to all of us. So I am here. See, maybe you can hear the beach. I’m in Cyprus. Moved here because of. My husband has a project here, so I’ve been enjoying myself and I have just been enjoying the beach, meditating or running, eating delicious food. Anyways. It may be happening to you. It’s A. I’ve been bombarded lately by all those emails about, you know, let’s plan or year. Let’s make 2019, the best year ever and I just wanted to give a few sort of tips and best practices that have helped me in the past to plan my year. There are four tips that I can give you and the first one is to plan your time for yourself and for your business. Do that first block those time slots out because you know that we get super busy right away.

You know things happen, things come your way that you don’t expect and then you know that vacation that you thoughts one day you are going to take. It doesn’t happen. So plan that time off. Also plan like your, any business trips that you want to do, any what’s it called? Like conferences you want to attend to whatever plan those first, put them, block them because that’s going to also give you idea of, you know, with client work, when you can take clients, when you cannot take that right. Number two is plan big, big dream. Big. A lot of us feel very fearful about dreaming big and you know, what ideas, because we feel limited about, you know, my knowledge or you know, what I’m capable of and whatnot, but I say dream big because later on you can worry about how you going to accomplish that goal.

Do you want to find out what resources do you need, what gaps there are in your knowledge? Or if you need to find somebody else to help you achieve that particular goal, but dream big, dream big because the whole idea every year that you plan for your business should be that you know, you’re growing your scaling you are making things better and bigger for you, for your clients and for the impact you want to make. Right? So that’s number two. Number three is leave room, leave white space, white space for things to come, right. So be spontaneous about certain things within your plan. Like for example, for me, I don’t like, I cannot be too strict. I cannot be too tied down to a strict plan because that’s not my nature. I am a creative. I’m a visual person. I need, I need room for creativity, for, for know, for things that are unexpected.

And in that same vein, don’t worry about goals changing because it happens, you know, life happens, business opportunities appear that you didn’t expect, so you have to leave some room for that. Also within your plan. And then the fourth one, which is to me is the most important one is that before you plan anything, before you have the idea of doing anything, you have to have the basis of your brand figured out. I don’t know how many people I have heard and it happened to me that I was very overwhelmed when I first started planning and it was because I didn’t have any idea of where I was going with my brand right? With my business. So this is very important that you need to understand because as I said, every year every goal should build up on itself. So for example, I have the idea of creating a retreats in a few years, right?

But in order to achieve that, I need to make sure that certain steps and certain goals are achieved before that, so think in those terms, but I only know that because I know what my goal for my brand and the idea that I want behind my brand is so make sure that you have clarity and where your brand is going, where you want your brand to go, the kind of people you want to attract, et cetera. Because all of those things are going to feed into what your yearly plan should be. This is so important, so if you need help with basic, you still feel like you feel overwhelmed. That you don’t know where you should go with, with this planning idea. Get in touch with me. I have a 20 minute free, no strings attached chat, that we can do and I can help you figure out if you are clear already on your brand goals or if you need help on that aspect.

All right, I’ll be right there. So get in touch with me. I will put the information below. I will put the information below so you can get in touch with me because I, I really, I promise you that the most important thing that you can do for your business is gained that business clarity that will help inform every single goal that you want to achieve and the years this year, but it also in the years to come. And another thing I want to say on that is that don’t worry if, don’t feel. I think one of the things that we do to ourselves that overwhelms us is that we feel like we have to plan the whole year, the 12 months, the what is this 56 weeks? No, I feel that especially if you’re starting out and this is your first time, like really meaty planning, start with a 90 year plan.

That’s what I do because it also offers the flexibility of like, you know, assessing, okay, I, you know, I put too much in my agenda, this, this quarter, let’s see what I can move to the next quarter, etcetera, et cetera. So just plan the next 90 days and go from there and then you’ll see that as you go on practicing, then it’s going to become super, super simple for you to assess what the next steps should be. Alright, that is for me today. I get in touch with me because I can help you gain the clarity that you need and you’re struggling with right now because there’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with your business. The thing might be that you just don’t have the clarity for your brand to in order to be able to create your plan for the yes. Alright, I wish you the best 2019 and I’ll see you later.

How to use your images to make your brand look pro!

An image is worth a 1000 words. I say an image is worth 1000$. Learn how your images may be sending the wrong message and how to change that with a free mini-guide and free stock photos to get you started on the right track.

How to use your images to make your brand look pro!

An image is worth a 1000 words. I say an image is worth 1000$. Learn how your images may be sending the wrong message and how to change that with a free mini-guide and free stock photos to get you started on the right track.

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