You have figure out what your secret weapon, your secret sauce, your zone of genius is. And you have figured out who that ideal person, client, or costumer is. Now what? Now we’re going to talk about how to bring the two together so that you can have a cohesive strategy behind your brand. So read on.


So if you haven’t watched the videos or blog posts about how to find your secret weapon and how to find more of those ideal clients for your small business, watch this video here because they’re going to help you understand the basis of this video. What I want to do today is I want to use my own examples of three different stages that I went through to understand how I brought these two things together into the Brown. That is my brand today. So the first example is before, so it’s almost like a before what happened and how it was my business before I did any of this work.

So I started my entrepreneurship journey as a photographer and I had a studio basically in my house, right? So I was constrained to four walls and I was doing everything and anything. I was shooting newborns that will shooting portraits. I was shooting pregnancy, I was shooting weddings, I was shooting anything and everything. I think at some point I would the product photography, nothing wrong with that. My point is I wasn’t specializing on anything or I didn’t really know, you know, anything about nicheing or whatever. So, and I was also not really putting as the value of the work that I was doing out there. Therefore I was attracting people who thought, oh, let’s just, I just need a quick shot. And you know, anything more than one year old is just too much basically. I mean, you know, like the kind of people that were coming to me, what people who were bargaining, anything that I put out there was too much for them.

So they always bargained for price. So that was one thing. What was wrong here? I didn’t know what I was wanting to secret sauce was and I didn’t know who I wanted to serve so that the, what I was offering was the right type of offer for those writers people. The second example is one step forward, right? So I took a, an online business course and there were some exercises about, you know, finding out what truly you want it. And one of the things that I really quickly realized is that one of the most important things for me was to have freedom, freedom of movement, freedom of location, freedom of time, freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom. Because for temple personally, my family lives all over the world, so I needed to be able to pick up and go and be there whenever they needed me or just to visit them.

On the other hand, my partner, he has a work everywhere, like a B at the end of last year, beginning of this year, we were in Cyprus for a few months. So I want it to be able to just get up my computer, be able to continue working from anywhere in the world. So freedom was really important to me. So when that happened, basically I said, okay, I’m just going to start a website defining business because I had already done like three of my own websites for my photography business and I was like, I can do this. So I put together a beautiful website. It was really nice looking. I mean, I can do a good job, but it was one, it was from a lot of inspiration, not to say copy from other people and what I thought was beautiful and what I thought, you know, it was a look good.

It was trendy. So there was a lot of flowers, there was a lot of like white, beautiful desks, um, with big, huge computers, which I didn’t have and really didn’t resonate with me. And it just really wasn’t me. But one of the things that I quickly realized is that the people that I was attracting because of this website being so girly and being so beautiful and being some pink and being so white and being so, you know, was I was also attracting those kinds of people. And there’s nothing wrong with them. I had amazing claims when I first started. But one of the things that I realize is that their personalities didn’t match with my personality. And by that I mean that, for example, a lot of the people who know me, my friends and people who have worked with me, they actually tell me how you’re such a natural to dieter and it’s true.

I will cheer you on to the end of times. But I also found myself realizing that what my clients needed at that time was not only cheering on, I realized that I was giving them this beautiful websites and there were still afraid of, you know, showing themselves. They were afraid of what they, the positioning they want it to be. They want it to become leaders in their field. But there were, you know, afraid but not because they didn’t have what it takes, but because they were getting in their own way. So the achiever in me got upset about this because I was like, I know you have a new, I know you can be amazing. And, you know, I just wanted to like check them down and be like, listen honey, you have to get out of your own way. You have to do it this way.

You have to, you know, not complicate things and just go for it. Keep trying and keep testing and you’ll see that, you know, then you will get results. But the kind of people that were coming to me were people that were more sensitive that were more gentle, that were more needed, more hand holding and not both like tough love thing that I was, that was burying inside of me. So when I want to say with this is that I realized then that I needed to really hone down and what are those kinds of people who are still amazing, who are still go getters, who are still afraid of everything but they still take action and that even though I am cheering them on, I can also tell them in their faces, listen honey, you’re getting in your own way. Like stop it and move on.

Keep going. Stop complaining and keep at it. Right? Because those are the kinds of people that I have now and that I feel comfortable just telling them, listen, I’m going to be, you know, tough cookie right now, but you need to hear this and they actually appreciate it and thanks. So again, in this example, what you see is that even though I had the wrong brand, I started realizing who I was and what my secret sauce with. So there’s, you know, one of two at least. Now the final example is basically what’s happening now, right? With my brand now if you go to my website, you’re going to see my brand, which I adore. I’m so happy about it. I’m so proud of it. And you might not like it. That is fine, does exactly what I want to portray that I want to show.

And that’s the reaction that I actually want. I want people who adore it and I want people to be like, oh my God, that is just so many dollars, right? Because that’s exactly who I am. I am all about travel. I am all about, you know, care free life. I am all about enjoying life. I’m all about, you know, not taking life too seriously sometimes. And then when you have to take it serious, you then you go for it, right? Because we all want this businesses to work. But I also want to do it with a, um, a little bit of space and a little bit of fun and a little bit of, you know, my sense of humor and a little bit of a glass of wine. But what point does this is also that the people that I’m attracting are amazing for me because there are exactly the people that I know I can help.

They are like, I cannot do any wrong in their eyes. And it’s because we’re so connected, we’re so linked. We’re so in the same vibe that we understand each other like this very, very quickly. Like the, you know, one of the most amazing clients I have at the moment. If a person that actually literally came off of my ideal client avatar exercises I wrote down as I, as I suggest in my previous video, I wrote down a profile of a real person, which actually was me a few years back. And then when I had that, you know, I was able to easier to create a person that actually exist and not some random abstract person that maybe does not exist or is it combination of, you know, little bits of pieces of different people. But this person is actually literally like, you know, it’s like somebody with a little wand like made her into a real person.

And it’s just like every client that I get, every new client come becomes closer and closer to that ideal dreamy clients that I want to keep them working with. So to have to, because now I have, I understand what my secrets authors, right? I know that I’m intuitive, I know that I’m a tough cookie, that I can tell you that I can give you that gentle push that you need to get out there and be the leader in your field. But I know and you know, deep inside that you can be. So all those things about myself I know and I know how to engage them and use them to both for my benefit, but also for my clients benefits, which at the end is what I want. Right? And then on the other hand is the second part of that is that I know who my clients are and they can connect with me because I am speaking the language, I am speaking their desires, I am speaking their fears, I am speaking their language.

So I hope that with this three examples I’m able to show you where you are in your journey, where it might be the area that you need to tweak a little bit so that you’re actually creating that brand that both connects with your strength, your personality strengths and also with that thing that your clients are looking for and that you can find that middle ground where both connect and where everything makes sense. Everything was just like naturally evolved from bud. So I cannot wait to hear what you are changing, what you’re adapting, the realizations that you’re getting from this video, and stay tuned for the next video because I’m going to pull the curtain and I’m going to talk all about my own rebrand, experience, the things I won through the tips that I have, lessons learned, why I should’ve done it earlier, why I didn’t do it earlier, et Cetera, et cetera. So really stay tuned for that because it’s going to be juicy. All right, that’s it for me today. See you later. Bye.

If you need help with the foundations of your brand, if you still feel overwhelmed. That you don’t know where you should go with, with this planning idea. Get in touch with me. I have a 20 minute complimentary, no strings attached PATH-FINDER chat, that we can do and I can help you figure out how to get clear on your brand goals. (CLICK BELOW) 

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