Why I Started my Business: A stolen camera gave me the kick I needed!

Blog post-A stolen camera pic2 The phone rang... On the other side, an excited broken-up voice kept  repeating: “they took everything,everything!” What? what do you mean everything? I asked.

Thirty minutes later, when we arrived at the house we had to make our way through the maze of police coming and going. My friend was sitting at the dinning table with her head resting on the table. She looked up and ran towards me and sobbingly said again. “They took everything” I browsed quickly around, I could see the empty spot where the TV once stood, the cables were ripped, DVDs out of the drawer splatter about.

In that instant a sharp pain hit my stomach like a thousand needles! I slowly made my way to the guest bedroom, where two days earlier I had unloaded all of my belongings for temporary storage as I was moving places the following day.

It was dark in the room, but I didn’t need to turn the light on, the faded light from the street illuminated the room enough for me to know that my worst fear had been realized. Everything was gone!

Standing alone in the dark in the empty spot where all my camera gear used to be, I felt a mixture of emotions, from helplessness, to rage, to desperation. In an instant everything that I had worked so hard for almost ten years to acquire was gone.

There I was, in a new country without a job, not speaking the language, and the only thing that I had to keep me sane, was gone. I stood there for another second, dried my tears, took a deep breath and went outside to help my friend deal with everything else. Later that night laying in bed I had a revelation, this was just another obstacle I would have to overcome. I knew right there and then this was what I wanted to do the rest of my life.


Rising from the ashes.

foto qupte flower 2I am not going to bore you with the details of the event, suffice to say that for lack of good insurance I never received the value of the entire equipment back.

But this is not a story about a series of unfortunate events; quite the contrary. This event only served to re-enforced that photography is my passion.

Fast forward two years and I am back on my feet thanks to my amazing partner in crime who believed in me and invested in a new camera and amazing lenses.

Today, as I officially open the 'metaphorical' doors of my business I stand in expectation of the many adventures to come, confined that time and experience will guide me through the ups and downs of owning my own business and most importantly, following my dreams.

Join me as I build my dream bigger and better and help you do the same.

Though this blog, I will share with you my work as a photographer, a designer but also share tips and tricks that make a photographers and entrepreneurs' life easier.

Feel free to browse my website, sign up to the email list or join me in any of usual suspects for updates.

Hasta la próxima!



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