WordPress has you pulling hairs? IT’S NOT SO HARD…Read on…

Picture this…

It’s Monday morning, you wake up refreshed from an enjoyable weekend…Yesterday’s high tea with the girls was so much fun! you think to yourself.

You go to the kitchen and put on the kettle…You have your breakfast..and now the house is quite…

You turn on the computer and you are greeted by YOUR new  beautiful home page. Clean, polish, just gorgeous!…You can’t help but chuckle! YOU did it yourself! Who would have thought a month ago YOU could build a website! A far cry to what you had before and would have ever imagined it could be. 

After a morning of work, you go to your studio in the afternoon. Your blog posts are scheduled, your sales emails are on autopilot, you have time to create!!!

At the end of the day you come home to edit the pictures you just took of the new jewelry piece you’ve finished. You add the edited picture to your Instagram feed and like magic it appears on your homepage!

A DREAM? Not so much! All this and more is possible! 

…Instead reality is sounds more like…

Your have spent HOURS on end trying to DIY it  with catastrophic results (white screen of death anyone?) or,

If successful looks more like a 5 years old put it together…

You are tired of the old look of your current website but can’t afford a designer just yet!

Did I mention all the hours you spent in front of the computer watching youtube and you’re still left scratching your head? or

You just simply gave up!   

There’s gotta be an easier way right?…

There IS! 

Don’t let a website be the obstacle to have your business online 

If you are like me, you want to have control over everything that has to do with your online presence.

Do you want your online presence to reflect YOU, YOUR vision, YOUR vibe?

Do you want something simple to use so that you don’t have to hire a full time developer or wait for your designer to have time to make a few changes?


The perfect combination of designer in a box + DIY 


“Conquer Your Website”

A Step-by-step DIY program for creative entrepreneurs


I spent dozens, NO! Hundreds of hours watching ‘free’ tutorials, learning things, and making BIG mistakes…Now, you don’t have to. 

I created Conquer Your Website to offer you a Do It Together (DIT) option: Is a step-by-step do it yourself videos that truly shows you how to accomplish your goal: a beautiful YOU website. Combined with enough support from me to help you get unstuck when you need it.

All in an affordable package…

THE RESULT: A beautiful website, that screams YOU!


The best part? It is done by YOU!

Do you remember that feeling you had when you tied your shoes by yourself for the first time? (Even though your mom was near by)

Well, it’s just like that, but with a cocktail!


5 modules with step-by-step videos: Over 30 lessons divided into bite size actionable videos that you can bench watch or take one day at a time. You set the rhythm.

1 hour 1-on-1 planning session to get started with what you want to accomplish.

Videos Module 1:

  • Branding colors, fonts, logos.
  • Choosing domain and web hosting providers.
  • Demystifying .org and .com once and for all.
  • Choosing a website building platform.
  • Installing WordPress: the basics.
  • WordPress anatomy name change and permalink.

Videos Module 2

  • How to make wordpress work for you.
  • Installing plugins and themes.
  • Editing site’s name and adding media.
  • DIVI anatomy 101.
  • Adding DIVI templates and pages.
  • Adding menus to your site.
  • Adding pages to DIVI.
  • DIVI’s structure: An in-depth view.
  • Sidebars and widgets.

Videos Module 3:

  • Creating a beautiful homepage.
  • Advanced customization part 1.
  • Advanced customization part 2.
  • Advanced customization part 3.

Videos Module 4

  • Creating a blog page and adding blog.
  • Linking pages and sections.
  • Editing contact us page.
  • Final walk through.
  • Updating DIVI theme

Videos Module 5:

  • Bonus Video: Basic DIVI theme training.
  • Bonus Video: How to add and delete pages from main menu Wordpres.
  • Bonus video: Securing and backing up your site.
  • Bonus Video: How to backup your WordPress site: The easy way.
  • Bonus Video: Domain and web hosting.
  • Bonus Video: How to find color with Adobe Capture.

And to ensure you have everything you need!

 I have included these bonuses so your website rocks from day 1

A website framework plan. After our talk I will provide you with a website structure ‘map’ that you can follow when creating your pages.

30 minute 1-on-1 follow up session to troubleshoot and review any special customization you may need.

And as an extra extra bonus!

As an introductory offer,  when you register you get full access to my “Create Beautiful and Functional PDFs documents with InDesign”-Advanced course. With this course you can get started creating beautiful looking opt-in offers that you can use to capture leads.


Improve your online presence

With a gorgeous and professional looking website.

Keep people longer in your site

You will learn how to think strategically about the structure of your site. Change things around even A/B test pages to ensure maximum optimization.

Learn the technology you need

You will learn only what you need to learn to take control and run your website. Without the complications you don’t need.

Save a bundle

By doing it yourself (with a littler help from a friend) you will not pay the price of a fully customized website and still have a beautiful functional basic website. And the best part is that you can do it again when are ready for a re-design.

So who is this lady telling me I need a website!

Hi, I am Maria-Ines part geek, part photographer, part designer, 100% latina!

When I first started in photography, I just though “I can figure this out myself”.

And I did exactly the same when it came to building my website. I did it in the most complicated and convoluted way possible.

Now I know it doesn’t have to be so hard – there are a lot of things you can do yourself, and a few things you do not have to do alone.

I am here to help you focus on your vision and avoid the overwhelm that comes from being the only one who is translating your business vision online.

Creating the business you dream of should not be conditional on learning distracting technology or going around in circles figuring out why something isn’t working. Together we will figure it out!

My goal behind this program is to teach you how to make your online business shine with a beautiful website the easy way.

Your website does not define your business. You do!

Here’s to reaching for the stars,



Conquer YOUR Website (The Ultimate WP + DIVI website building course)

  • Immediate access to ALL course videos, and bonus videos. (30+ and counting)
  • Free Website planning guide.
  • Lifetime access and updates.


Get in touch to set it up



Hanna testimonial circle

“You made me look at different aspects of my website and tailor it to my goals as a business. Sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture when your that up close and personal with your business. The new insight and fresh eyes you brought to the table were just what I needed…

Another huge plus is, that I know how to maintain it and am confident making changes. The new website looks gorgeous!”

Hanna Saar, Pearls and Scissors.

Julie circle testimonial

Creating a new website turned out to be an exciting creative experience.    I’ve learned I don’t have to speak technically to get wonderful website results!

I feel like I have someone in my corner wishing me just as much success as I wish for myself. Instead of casually mentioning I have a blog, now I’m busy creating a series of posts (and newsletters) in advance so I can show it off with a real launch!   I love the end result!

Julie Fay, Lights Camera Happiness

Wendy testimonial circle

Working with Maria-Ines was awesome. She helped me stay on track, but also make my dreams come true. Website related dreams!

She creatively sparked me to the final end result. Which became the beginning to build on. She also helped me understand DIVI, so I can do simple things myself.
If I have a question she is always is there to answer them. And if I want something customized on the website she is my go-to-girl.

Wendy van Hardeveld, Photographer

Josephine circle testimonialsIt’s a pleasure to work with Maria-Ines. She’s a good listener who anticipated very well on what I had in mind concerning my new website. It’s amazing how much she knows about the theme we built my website with.

Having her help while working on a project is not only useful but also a lot of fun. And now I have a website!

Josephine Krikke, Journalist.


What if I after purchase I find out that is it just not for me?

I would never want you to be unhappy! And I am so sure that you can have a beautiful website with this course that if you try it for 7 days and you are unsatisfied with your purchase, I will refund your hard earned cash. All I ask in return is that you show me the work you have done.  If you missed the deadline or after the 7 days you are still not happy, understand that as you have immediate access to all content I will be happy to credit the amount which you can use either as a one-on-one or the equivalent of my per/hour rate for custom work. So is a guarantee that you will have a website one way or another. 

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish. The live assistance does take place the first month of your enrollment. Once you are registered we will arrange schedules.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. In addition, you will have access to any updates and upgrades to the videos. Even if I decide to retire the course you will be the first to know and I will make sure you have what you need before it disappears. Which I don’t foresee happening in the near future. 

Are there any additional costs?

WordPress is a free software. The most important things you will need are a domain name, a hosting provider and a theme (recommendations inside the course) . The Theme we will be using is Divi by Elegant Themes. You can purchase it here www.elegantthemes.com (affiliate link) 

Can I upgrade later if I purchase Self-Pace Program today?

Of course! I will be happy to welcome you in the DIT program! I will honor what you have paid until that point and upgrade you for the difference. 

I have already used WordPress and it drove me crazy, how is this different?

Ah! Well WP as many other website creation platforms have come a long way since the times of hair pulling, computer throwing times. The method I will teach you here is with a drag and drop platform called DIVI that makes creating website soooo simple you won’t believe your eyes. I dare to say you will even have fun. And I know this to be true became I have thigh 1-on-1 trainings and I have seen non technical people go from overwhelm to smiling at the site of their completed website. Having said that for this program you will need to purchase this theme  (affiliate link)

I am not techie, I don’t know anything about websites.

I say: YOU don’t have to, I will show you how.

I won't be able to afford it, and all this information is free online

 I say: Sure thing, but can you afford the time and financial investment to be away from your business  while you figure it out, let alone the frustration?

I don’t have the time to do it!

I say: Do you have 30 minutes a day?

I already have a website but want a facelift, is this course for me?

Glad you asked. If your current website is either in wordpress.org (no matter what theme you are using) or wordpress.com then the answer is a resounding yes. IF however, your current website is in square space or blogger for example get in touch with me before hand, not that it is not possible just want to discuss what your wishes are before you commit to the course.

How do I know that I will be able to do it in 30 days?

The program is laid out to be done a little bit at a time every day. There’s not fast rule that says you have to have it done in 30 days. Normally, it take me 30 days to have a fully fleshed website done but I have one it for a while. Having said all that if you follow the videos and do the work you can definitely be hitting LIVE at the end of the 30 videos. It is really up to you. 

Can I do a lot of work before hand and then hire you to put the final touches?

SURE! Would love to work with you no matter in what capacity…

©2016 Maria-Ines Design Studio. All Rights Reserved.

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